Max Reger - Blüthner Artist

"I would like to give you my best compliments for the excellent impression that I have gained from your Blüthner grand piano. Its touch is exceptional and its tone represents perfect beauty. I give you my absolute admiration for this instrument."

Max Reger
Sergei Prokofiev - Blüthner Artist

"My Blüthner pushes me to compose everyday and has become an irreplacable and loyal companion."

Sergei Prokofiev
Franz Liszt - Blüthner Artist

"Whenever I have played a Blüthner on my concert tours, it has always proven itself to be among the best and melodious instruments I have ever known."

Franz Liszt
Marlene Dietrich - Blüthner Artist

"My new Blüthner piano is even more fascinating than my beloved first one. It's wonderful sound is reaching the depths of my soul."

Marlene Dietrich
Wilhelm Furtwängler - Blüthner Artist

"Blüthner instruments can really sing. This is probably the greatest compliment that can be paid to an instrument."

Wilhelm Furtwängler
Stevie Wonder - Blüthner Artist

"I've known Blüthner for many years and I love them. Their sound is incredible."

Stevie Wonder
Arthur Rubinstein - Blüthner Artist

"After my coffee and cigar we went to one of the recording rooms where they had a Blüthner piano ...Well, this Blüthner had the most beautiful singing tone I had ever found. I became quite enthusiastic and decided to play my beloved Barcarolle of Chopin. The piano inspired me. I don’t think I ever played better in my life."

Arthur Rubinstein
Claude Debussy - Blüthner Artist

"I would like to convey my compliments for your very favorable concert grand. The touch is extraordinary and the tone is so beautiful that I must express my utter admiration for this instrument."

Claude Debussy
John Lennon - Blüthner Artist

"...we have played on many terrible instruments. Today, luckily we have the choice. Blüthner is our favourite."

John Lennon
 - Blüthner Artist

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber composed musicals such as "Cats" and "The Phantom of the Opera" on his Blüthner grand piano.

Wilhelm Kempff - Blüthner Artist

"The ability of an instrument to engage an artist in a dialogue throughout his exploration of the musical universe, as he searches for the optimal interpretation, has given me every joy and contentment which has accompanied me in my pianistic life."

Wilhelm Kempff