Your event, your home

Piano hire

Event Hire

We hire grand and upright pianos for concerts, recitals, weddings, parties or any function or event that may require a piano. Our event hire fleet consists of grands ranging from 154cm/5’1” up to 280cm/9’2” in length, suitable for any occasion.

Blüthner model 1

Model 1

Concert Grand

  • Length: 280cm
  • Width: 160cm
  • Weight: approx. 525kg
Blüthner model 1

Model 4

Grand Piano

  • Length: 210cm
  • Width: 154cm
  • Weight: approx. 345kg
Blüthner model 1

Model 11

Baby Grand

  • Length: 154cm
  • Width: 152cm
  • Weight: approx. 280kg

Home hire

Our home hire fleet consists of upright and grand pianos. Monthly hire fees start from just £70 for an upright piano and £150 for a grand, with a minimum rental period of 6 months. All hire subject to availability.

If you decide to purchase the hire piano or a new instrument from us, we will apply up to the first nine months’ rent paid, excluding VAT to put towards the purchase of your piano.

Home Hire Charges:
  • Piano hire: from £70 per month
  • Return transport: from £220
  • Refundable deposit: £100
  • First tuning from: £80
  • Insurance service charge: £2.50
  • Initial payment from: £472.50
  • Monthly payment thereafter from: £72.50

Payments are taken monthly, in advance, by credit/debit card only (Not Amex). Tuning is required every 6 months, which is charged at our standard rate.