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Re-conditioned Blüthner Style VII in Rosewood

Pre-owned Grand Piano

~ Sold ~

This Blüthner Style VII in an elegant and timeless rosewood finish, is an exquisite example of musical craftsmanship and historical significance. Dating from the year 1911, the piano has undergone restoration, ensuring that it not only retains its classic beauty but also meets the modern standards of performance.

In addition to new strings, hammers, and felts, the original soundboard has been replaced with high-quality spruce, and the tuning wrest plank, which holds the tuning pins and is crucial for maintaining the piano’s tuning stability, has been replaced with a modern, high-quality plank to ensure exceptional tuning stability over time.

This 1911 Blüthner Style VII Grand Piano in Rosewood Polished finish is not only a stunning piece of history but a top-tier musical instrument. Its restoration ensures that it will continue to bring joy through its music and beauty for generations to come. This piano is an heirloom, an investment, and a testament to the art of piano craftsmanship at its finest.


Length: 190cm
Width: 152cm
Finish: Rosewood Polish


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