Treasuring the things that enchant you

Accessories for the Golden Tone.

In order to maintain the quality of your instrument over time the right choice of accessories and regular care are essential.

Blüthner Moontime Silent System

Blüthner Moontime

Silent System

Do you live in a flat, would you like to practice or relax with your favourite tune in private? Keep your performance to yourself and delve into the immersive sound of the Blüthner Model 1 digital concert grand.

Blüthner Klavierlampen

Piano Lamps

To illuminate the Golden Tone

Brass matt or polished, chrome, black, sleek & stylish or adorned with ornaments, LED or halogen, for uprights or grands - we have the perfect piano lamp for every occasion.


Piano Bench

Best seat in the house

From standard adjustable piano benches to individual creations made to match your piano's design – With a selection of finishes, colour and materials in a range of styles, the choice is yours.

Cleaning & Care

For a perfect sheen

Just like the human skin the varnish of your piano breaths and reacts to light and other environmental influences. We provide a big selection of products of everyday cleaning, restoring the sparkle your instruments may have lost over the years or even more severe problems such as stubborn stains or faded colous.


For lasting Quality

Pianos are mostly made from organic and natural materials such as wood and felt. To keep your instrument in perfect condition we recommend a stable climate with constant humidity & temperature levels. From hygrometers to completely integrated climate control systems that take care of your piano even when you are away.

Castor Cups

Protect your flooring

Whether you wish to protect your wooden floor or carpets we stock a selection of plastic, wooden or brass castor cups for grand and upright pianos.