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For the love of playing, and the art of performing

Exquisite instruments beautifully handcrafted since 1853


Blüthner Bespoke

Bluthner Bespoke Piano

Your Dream, Our Creation

From stately veneers and hand-carved marquetry to the most innovative and modern creative forms, Blüthner will help you realise your aesthetic vision, always with the world-class performance of the Blüthner Golden Tone.

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“I've known Blüthner for many years and I love them. Their sound is incredible.”

Stevie Wonder

“My Blüthner pushes me to compose every day and has become an irreplacable and loyal companion.”

Sergei Provofiev

“My new Blüthner is even more fascinating than my beloved first one. Its wonderful sound is reaching the depths of my soul.”

Marlene Dietrich