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Bluthner piano technology

Self-Play System

For soft background music or that special concert hall feeling in your living room, our self-play system makes your Blüthner grand piano sound for you. From Bach to the Beatles, from classic to pop - a huge music collection of various genres is available for you on demand. Traditional German craftsmanship in perfect harmony with the latest technology.

Our system can be operated via smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch, Alexa oder remote control and is available for all grand piano models and sizes. It also offers MIDI, USB, WLAN & Bluetooth connectivity as well as easy smart home integration

Bluthner piano technology

Blüthner e-Volution System

We offer the best of all worlds, where everything is possible. The unparalleled beauty of the Blüthner acoustic upright piano is enhanced by the cutting edge innovations of the Blüthner digital piano, combined with an internal piano silencer system, which allows you to keep your performance to yourself and delve into the immersive sound of the Blüthner Model 1 digital concert grand.

The intuitive control panel with graphic display gives you easy access to the full functionality of your instrument. The seamless Bluetooth® connectivity allows you to stream your favourite audio files to accompany your performance or sit back and enjoy your music library in hi-fi sound.

The Blüthner e-volution system also boasts features such as BOSE® speakers as well as MIDI functionality and can be built into any Blüthner or Haessler upright piano. Every model is hand-crafted by Blüthner in Leipzig, Germany, including the digital technology.