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The Blüthner Crystal Edition holds the heart of a world-class Blüthner grand piano in a luminous, crystal-clear case, achieving a delightful perception of weightless suspension. Each Crystal Edition is exclusively handcrafted in our factory in Leipzig, Germany, with your choice of unique bespoke finishes.


Each Crystal Edition model is unique yet equally beautiful.

Bluthner Crystal Edition Elegance Piano


A solid wooden inner rim visually and structurally anchors the body of the Crystal Elegance transparent piano design, ready to be painted, polished or illuminated with strategically placed LED lighting.

Available in a choice of six sizes.

Bluthner Crystal Edition Idyllic Piano


The Idyllic Crystal Grand Piano features true perfection in piano transparency. The soundboard, strings and plate are supported by an exclusive ultra low-profile rim, achieving a perception of weightless suspension.

Available in a choice of six sizes.

Bluthner Crystal Edition Hive Piano


Inspired by nature, the intricate structure, a whimsical mosaic of acrylic, allows light to peek through a cocoon of wings creating a fascinating palette of colours.

Available in a choice of six sizes.

Bluthner Crystal Edition Quadrille Piano


The classic upright piano in a crystal-clear case frames a lively picture of craftsmanship and mechanical movement, whether fully transparent or moulded with a web of color.

Available in a choice of three sizes.


Bluthner Crystal Edition Custom Grand Piano

Your personal expression

Each Blüthner Crystal Edition piano is made bespoke to order. Our designers will work with you to create your own bespoke piano with your choice of LED illumination, plate colour, metal fittings, designer acrylic, or personalised panoramic artwork.