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A piano fit for royalty

The Blüthner Imperial Edition offers a series of traditional art designs. Precious veneers exquisitely cut and matched, gold leaf adorning intricate carvings or discreet accent pieces to distinguish your Blüthner amongst all others — the Imperial Edition offers a variety of masterpieces, each unique in design, but all uniform in their quality. A worthy challenge for our master piano builders.


Ten supremely crafted models are available in standard Blüthner grand piano sizes, all of which may be refined further to your taste.

Bluthner Imperial Edition Grand Piano

Julius Bluthner

It is rare for a family business to maintain excellence lasting for more than a century, but Julius Blüthner, the founder of the legendary piano company, created a business dynasty which has achieved just that. Julius Blüthner revolutionized the art of piano making, creating instruments that are enduring examples of outstanding craftsmanship and admired for their unparalleled beauty of tone.

Bluthner Queen Victoria Edition Grand Piano

Queen Victoria

During the Victorian Age of the 19th century, Blüthner was the purveyor to the Royal Court of Queen Victoria. The English Society in this time adored the style of the Neo-Renaissance, which expressed the wealth and the feeling of belonging to the most important nation in the world in a most convincing way. Queen Victoria and her princely husband Albert defined that period which was later named after them.

Bluthner Kaiser Wilhelm II Grand Piano

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Adorned with elegantly hand- carved legs, lyre and music desk, this model is reminiscent of a bygone era of piano design that showcased the skill and pride of its craftsman in the ornate beauty of its presentation.

Bluthner Tsar Nicolaus II Grand Piano

Tsar Nicolaus II

This model was first made for the Russian Tsar Nicolas II. The exquisitely fashioned panels are made of burr walnut, framed with a fine lining of maple. The basic veneer is made of French walnut. All of this marquetry is individually handcrafted in our factory by our master piano makers.

Bluthner Louis XIV Grand Piano

Louis XIV

The exterior of this breathtaking instrument has been designed in the style of the fanciful French king. The grace and delicateness of the ornamentation is based on elements of the Rococo style. The legs, lyre, music desk and the rim are decorated with carvings tastefully gilded with real gold. To reproduce the original style and design of this instrument is both a demanding and satisfying task.

Bluthner President Grand Piano


This design of the Imperial Edition President was created to please the discerning connoisseur using the acoustic construction of our Blüthner Classic grand pianos. It offers a more ornate outside, with moulded liners on the key bottom, chamfers at the top lid, a delicately carved music desk and a combination of rare veneers such as pyramid mahogany, birdseye maple, bubinga or burl walnut.

Bluthner Ambassador Grand Piano


Precious rosewood laid in a fishbone pattern sets off this elegant case design, featuring stately chamfers and moulding complimented by a turned leg and lyre.

Bluthner Senator Grand Piano


This instrument is designed in colonial style. The veneer is rosewood or French walnut with inlays of leather embellished with gold linings. A very elegant and opulent example.

Bluthner Jubilee Grand Piano


The 150th anniversary of our company was the perfect opportunity to release this beautiful addition to the Supreme collection. The remarkable feature of this piano is the very ornate iron harp casting that has been taken from the classic design originally produced for the 50th anniversary in 1903. The octagonal legs are a stylish shape, reminiscent of the traditional design of the early days of piano making. A specially decorated music desk adds to the splendour of the instrument.

Bluthner Dynasty Grand Piano


The regal beauty of the Blüthner Dynasty Edition is anything but hidden. Highly figured wood veneers and hand-carved woodwork are enduring statements of luxury, adding a historic air of extravagant opulence to this instrument. Lavishly adorned for Blüthner’s 165th anniversary, the Dynasty pairs equal measures of black polished marquetry, with bold panels of exquisitely figured Amboyna wood. The distinct, encapsulated wood banding draws the eye around the case, finishing in an attractive arm curve, which sits atop robust, faceted legs, covered and capped in the vibrantly figured wood. The Dynasty Edition by Blüthner embodies majestic elegance.

Key Features

Bluthner aliquot patent

A rich, warm and colourful sound

All Blüthner grand pianos (with the exception of the model 11, our smallest grand piano) are equipped with the Blüthner Aliquot patent. In the highest treble section of our grand pianos, each note is assigned a fourth string, which is slightly raised from the others and not struck by the hammerheads. The aliquot string resonates in unison with the note played, thereby amplifying it and creating a rich, warm and colourful sound. The system was developed by Julius Blüthner over a century and a half ago and is considered a key facet of the Blüthner Golden Tone.

Bluthner Model One Grand Piano

Ultimate precision and control

The keyboard is the component through which the pianist expresses their musicality and connects with the piano. With over five-and-a-half thousand moving parts within the action and damper structure alone, utmost precision is required to enable a responsive touch from gentle pianissimo to vigorous fortissimo, whilst retaining full control. To achieve excellent stability, the key bed is manufactured of alternate layers of Red Beech and German Pine, whereas the keys of our instruments are made of fine Bavarian Mountain Spruce and high-density Ebony. White key tops are made of acrylic. Height and depth of touch are meticulously weighted and adjusted for ultimate precision and control.

Bluthner Model One Grand Piano

Traditionally crafted iron frame

The iron frame is cast in a quartz sand mould using traditional methods. To withstand the enormous tension of nearly twenty tonnes, the design of each frame is precisely calculated and manufactured. Each frame is seasoned outside for two years before being sprayed to a high quality-finish and individually fitted to an instrument.

Bluthner Model One Grand Piano

Each instrument tells its own story

From the Rococo style of the Louis XIV to the exquisite handcrafted marquetry of the Tsar Nicolaus II and the delicately carving of the President, each Imperial Edition piano tells a unique story that makes these pianos not just instruments, but historic statements.


Bluthner Bespoke Piano

Your personal expression

Each Blüthner Imperial Edition piano is made bespoke to order. Our designers will work with you to create your own bespoke piano with your choice of accents, case painting, or bespoke hand marquetry and carving. Each and every detail is open to your personal expression.