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Extravagance and Style

Blüthner Crystal Edition

Exclusively hand crafted in our factory in Leipzig, Germany, each Blüthner Crystal piano is a truly unique creation. Using medical grade plexi-glass, we utilise pioneering manufacturing techniques to produce the finest design pianos available.

Having created masterpieces for some of the world’s finest hotels, homes and super yachts, we can customise these instruments to your exacting needs and tastes. From metal fittings and designer acrylic to LED lights and iron frame colour, we will help you realise your aesthetic vision. Simply select one of the four models and begin creating!

Customising the Blüthner Crystal Edition

All that you see, you may also decorate. Vibrant colours, metallic finishes or even air brush effects. Here are just a few of the elements you will determine for your very own Blüthner Crystal Piano.

Designer Acrylic
Metal Fittings
LED Illumination
Plate Colour
Panorama Artwork

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