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Blüthner Model 4

Grand Piano

Showcasing the Golden Tone in a manoeuvrable size, the Mod. 4-210 will perform well in small concert halls and salons but also as a practice instrument meeting the needs of the most demanding concert artist and discerning music lovers making it the ideal choice for professional musicians and ambitious enthusiasts — and for those who are both.

Key Features

Bluthner Model One Grand Piano

A rich, warm and colourful sound

All Blüthner grand pianos (with the exception of the model 11, our smallest grand piano) are equipped with the Blüthner Aliquot patent. In the highest treble section of our grand pianos, each note is assigned a fourth string, which is slightly raised from the others and not struck by the hammerheads. The aliquot string resonates in unison with the note played, thereby amplifying it and creating a rich, warm and colourful sound. The system was developed by Julius Blüthner over 150 years ago and is considered a key facet of the Blüthner Golden Tone.

Bluthner Model One Grand Piano

Ultimate precision and control

The keyboard is the component through which the pianist expresses their musicality and connects with the piano. With over five-and-a-half thousand moving parts within the action and damper structure alone, utmost precision is required to enable a responsive touch from gentle pianissimo to vigorous fortissimo, whilst retaining full control. To achieve excellent stability, the key bed is manufactured of alternate layers of Red Beech and German Pine, whereas the keys of our instruments are made of fine Bavarian Mountain Spruce and high-density Ebony. White key tops are made of acrylic. Height and depth of touch are meticulously weighted and adjusted for ultimate precision and control.

Bluthner Model One Grand Piano

Traditionally crafted iron frame

The iron frame is cast in a quartz sand mould using traditional methods. To withstand the enormous tension of nearly twenty tonnes, the design of each frame is precisely calculated and manufactured. Each frame is seasoned outside for two years before being sprayed to a high quality-finish and individually fitted to an instrument.


Black Black
White White
Alder Alder
Bubinga Bubinga
Cherry Cherry
Macassar Macassar
Mahogany Mahogany (Light or Dark)
Walnut Walnut (Light or Dark)
Burl Walnut Burl Walnut
Palisander Palisander
Rosewood Rosewood
Piano Desk Classic
Piano Desk Jubilee
Piano Desk Kaiser
Piano Desk Julius
Concert Piano Leg Classic
Jubilee Piano Leg Jubilee
Julius Piano Leg Julius
Concert Piano Lyre Classic
Jubilee Piano Lyre Jubilee
Julius Piano Lyre Julius

Bluthner piano technology

Your Blüthner can be enhanced with a built-in self-playing system and/or a silent-play system, with bluetooth® connectivity and Bose® speakers.

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Bluthner bespoke piano

Each piano is made to order, therefore any bespoke finishes or personal touches can be specified to suit your taste or requirements. From stately veneers and hand-carved marquetry to the most innovative and modern creative forms, Blüthner will help you realise your aesthetic vision.

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Dimensions & Specifications

Length 210cm (6'11")
Width 154cm (5'1")
Weight 345kg