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Re-built Blüthner Style VI

Pre-owned Grand Piano


This exquisite Blüthner Style VI grand piano in black polish finish stands at a length of 5’8”, and has been meticulously rebuilt to showcase its timeless grandeur and musical prowess. The piano’s beautiful turned legs are not just a nod to traditional craftsmanship but also a testament to the attention to detail that Blüthner is renowned for.

Beyond its visual appeal, this Blüthner Style VI boasts a light and responsive touch, allowing for an expressive and nuanced performance. This instrument is synonymous with the warm, deep tone that have made Blüthner a preferred choice among musicians worldwide.

Having spent the last few years in a showroom following its complete rebuild, this piano has been preserved in impeccable condition, waiting to find a new home where it can continue to enchant audiences with its beautiful sound and stunning appearance. This Blüthner Style VI grand piano represents a remarkable opportunity to own a piece of musical history, crafted to perfection and poised to deliver unforgettable musical experiences.


Length: 173cm
Width: 152cm
Finish: Black Polished


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Tel: +44 (0)20 7753 0533