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Pre-Owned Rönisch 118 K

Pre-owned Upright Piano


This 2022 Rönisch 118K upright piano is a stunning instrument that combines timeless aesthetics with the latest piano manufacturing techniques. Crafted from exquisite materials and designed with attention to detail, this piano is sure to delight both beginners and seasoned players alike.  Produced by the respected Rönisch brand, a historic name in piano-making since 1845, this piano embodies the essence of traditional European craftsmanship and superior tonal quality.

The 118K model, standing 118cm tall, offers a beautiful blend of compact design and robust, resonant sound. It is perfect for those seeking an instrument of grandeur while accommodating spatial constraints.

Despite being pre-owned, this Rönisch 118K has been treated with the utmost care, ensuring its mechanical and aesthetic elements remain in excellent condition.  Wrapped in a stunning polished ebony casing, the 118K exhibits an aura of elegance that adds to the ambiance of any room. It is both a visually striking piece and a musical instrument that invites artists to explore their creativity.

The Rönisch 118K upholds the brand’s longstanding tradition of delivering pianos with remarkable tonal depth and dynamic range. It is an instrument that echoes the manufacturer’s commitment to quality, performance, and timeless appeal.


Height: 118cm
Width: 148cm
Depth: 60cm
Finish: Black Polished


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Tel: +44 (0)20 7753 0533