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Haessler H118

Upright Piano

The H118 offers greater resonance and warmth. It also brings the addition of a practice pedal, which can be a very welcome asset indeed to the family members and neighbours of an aspiring pianist. This makes it the ideal piano for a student player who is seeking to widen their familiarity with the instrument.


All Haessler instruments can be fully customised and ordered in a wide choice of veneers and finishes. You may choose from the selection below or consult our team who will be delighted to work with you to create your bespoke piano.

Black Black
White White
Alder Alder
Bubinga Bubinga
Cherry Cherry
Macassar Macassar
Mahogany Mahogany (Light or Dark)
Walnut Walnut (Light or Dark)
Burl Walnut Burl Walnut
Palisander Palisander
Rosewood Rosewood
Bluthner piano technology

Your piano can be enhanced with a built-in self-playing system and/or a silent-play system, with bluetooth® connectivity and Bose® speakers.

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Bluthner bespoke piano

Each piano is made to order, therefore any bespoke finishes or personal touches can be specified to suit your taste or requirements. From stately veneers and hand-carved marquetry to the most innovative and modern creative forms, Blüthner will help you realise your aesthetic vision.

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Dimensions & Specifications

Height 118cm
Width 148cm
Depth 60cm
Weight 220kg