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Irmler SP125

Upright Piano

The SP125 (SP standing for Supreme) indulges the player with a smooth, flowing action, a warm, rich sound and expressive tonal transparency across the scale. Our long-standing experience in traditional piano craftsmanship paired with German components ensures exceptional quality, low maintenance costs as well as remarkable tonal and mechanical qualities. At 125cm (4’1”) tall with an elegant, polished ebony finish and eye-catching chrome fittings the attention to detail is superb, giving the SP125 the presence and beauty associated with the Blüthner name.


Black Black Polished
Bluthner piano technology

Your piano can be enhanced with a built-in self-playing system and/or a silent-play system, with bluetooth® connectivity and Bose® speakers.

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Dimensions & Specifications

Height 125cm
Width 151cm
Depth 63cm