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Maintaining Excellence

Our Service Packages

Since the action of a piano contains a lot of moving parts, from time to time a service is required to ensure it continues to perform at its best. We offer special maintenance packages tailored to the needs of your instrument starting from £450 for a half day service or £750 for a full day service.

Depending on the condition of your instrument, work will include a few or all of the following: internal cleaning, regulation of the action, dampers and keys as well as re-facing of hammerheads, voicing and tuning.

Regulation & Cleaning

During production the action is precisely regulated to guarantee utmost control. In order to maintain this level of precision it is recommended to clean the instrument internally and to check and re-adjust the regulation once in a while to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and to allow the pianist to create subtle nuances in sound.

Voicing & Re-facing

Due to climatic conditions and frequent use of the instrument the felt covering the hammers will be compressed which, over time, will lead to a harsher sound. Using a file and a needle our technicians carefully work on the hammers to restore their flexibility and shape to allow the sound to blossom.

Dampers & Pedals

Have you ever had a squeaky pedal or inaccurate damping causing single strings to resonate even after you've lifted your foot of the pedal completely? In order to ensure the dampers catch the strings cleanly, simultaneously and without any disturbing noises the moving parts should be checked frequently.